Just A Thought

Just A Thought

Penchie Limbo


“Everything I do is by choice. I am free to think of wonderful thoughts. I am in control of my own mind. Every experience I have is perfect for my growth.”


For the longest time, I had been a negative thinker. If there is such a thing as the art of pessimism, I would have already mastered it, and probably I could have been a guru of the art of pessimism. As my mind was set on negativity, I was prone to make poor choices and bad decisions and these led to my unhappiness, frustration, disappointments, heartache and pain. Although, everyone makes mistakes or experiences failure in life, not everyone learns from those mistakes or experiences, including me.

I got tired of living in a life of negativity, a life of failures and mistakes. The negativity and its effects on my life are draining me of all my energy. I realized that it is time for me to take back the energy and power that I had given away so uselessly. This time, I learn from my experience, from my mistakes. I realized that everything that I do and feel begins in my mind, so I am taking steps of changing my negative thought patterns that are blocking my energy and hindering my growth.


Everyday I make a conscious effort to filter negative thoughts and allow only positive thoughts such as love, kindness, beauty, abundance, creativity enter my mind. It was not easy doing that. I still slip back to my old way of thinking once in a while, but it is okay. I am learning… to relax, to forgive myself, to love myself, to accept myself. Every day is a new day. Every day is an opportunity for learning and growth, and my potential is limitless. My perspective and the choices I make affect my actions and determine the quality of my day. As intend to live a full life, I have to make sure that my thoughts and actions are aligned to what I intend to be.


I change one thought at a time. I live one day at a time. I live the present moment. I am a work in progress. Everyone and everything is in the process of being. I am ever growing and learning. I live a full life.



About Penchie

I am a type 2 diabetic. I run to keep my blood sugars in good control in conjunction with diet and medical regimen. The running bug got me in 2010. Since I laced up my running shoes, I’ve been an on-road runner, albeit with several months of hiatus in the last 2 years. After almost 7 years of on-road racing, like any other runner, I want to take my running into another level by going off road. I would like to see myself doing ultra marathons, both on and off road, in the future. Running is my lifestyle. I am a runner and a diabetes warrior.
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2 Responses to Just A Thought

  1. emanVictor says:

    change would never be easy..it’s a process…no matter how long or short it is, painful or easy, we all have through go through it…look at me, a phoenix rising!

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