Happy, Healthy Me…Preparing for the NatGeo Run

Happy, Healthy Me…Preparing for the NatGeo Run
Written April 10, 2010

For more than a week now, I’ve been walking/running every morning to prepare for NatGeo Run on April 18, 2010. I’m not really a runner. In fact, I’ve never run in a race, not even a sack race, in my entire life. I thought I never liked running. I preferred walking, swimming or dancing as an exercise than running. I had a lot of excuses not to run. Excuses like I have bad knees and running is stressful to my knee joints. Excuses, excuses. Until now, even if I am determined to run, I could still find some excuses not to wake up early in the morning for a run. However, praise God that every morning I have enough power to overcome my laziness to get up. Reminding myself on my goal which is to be fit to run the 3k race is enough to make me get up. Never did I regret a morning run. Every day, I get better and better at my running and breathing. I already developed the habit of waking up at exactly 5 a.m. even without the alarm. Slowly, I have learned a new pattern of healthy living by getting enough sleep and rest, getting regular exercise, eating the right stuff, and keeping my life stress-free by having a happy and positive disposition. All of this started with just an intent to be healthy and happy, and now I am living it.

Since I started training for the 3k race, I realized that it is possible to get what you intend to have or achieve. The key is not only intending it, but by aligning your actions with your intention. One can decide to do something but do nothing. Decision is a mind thing. We can make decisions but not get results.

Intent + Action = Result. I understood that now.


About Penchie

I am a type 2 diabetic. I run to keep my blood sugars in good control in conjunction with diet and medical regimen. The running bug got me in 2010. Since I laced up my running shoes, I’ve been an on-road runner, albeit with several months of hiatus in the last 2 years. After almost 7 years of on-road racing, like any other runner, I want to take my running into another level by going off road. I would like to see myself doing ultra marathons, both on and off road, in the future. Running is my lifestyle. I am a runner and a diabetes warrior.
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