Feeling Blue? How to Raise Your Energy Vibrations

By Penchie Limbo
December 16, 2010
We all feel down once in a while. Even the greatest warriors and successful people do get tired too. All human beings have the same emotions, but we just don’t act on or deal with our emotions the same way. I am writing this blog for those who just don’t have much energy and somehow trying to find a way to either “connect” or “reconnect” to that source of energy and for those who would like to raise their energy a little bit more. The following, taken from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention, is a program that one can do in order to raise energy vibrations:
1. Be conscious of your thoughts. Try to veer your mind away of negative thoughts. Think more of happy thoughts, thoughts that empower, inspire and motivate you.
2. Make meditation a regular practice in your life. This does not have to be long or be done in a faraway place. Just take time to be silent and be in tuned with your higher self at least once a day.
3. Be conscious of the food you eat. People who practices yoga avoid foods that are “tamasic”. These are foods that contribute to lethargy, sleepiness and laziness. Go for healthy food choices such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
4. Retreat from low energy substances. Alcohol and virtually all artificial drugs lower the body’s energy level and weaken you.
5. Become conscious of the energy level of the music you listen to. If you are down, melancholic songs tend to make you more depressed and sad. Listen to music that is soothing and relaxing.
6. Become aware of the energy levels of your home environment. Cluttered room or home does not give you a nice ambiance for relaxation. When clutter are everywhere, you see just chaos and disorder.
7. Reduce your exposure to the very low energy of commercial and cable television. Violence, negativity, profanity, etc., are being mainstreamed directly to your home via the television. Elect to watch movies or programs that makes you feel better and promotes messages of positivity, hope, and other values.
8. Enhance your energy field with photographs. Strategically place photographs taken of happiness, love, and receptivity to spiritual help in your room, workplace, or even your wallet. Put up your vision or dream board where you can see it.
9. Become conscious of the energy levels of your acquaintances, friends and extended family. Choose to be in close proximity to people who are empowering, who see the greatness in you. Be part of CA2020 where success- and purpose-driven people infect you with their high energy. They will empower you. 🙂
10. Monitor your activities and. where they take place. Avoid low-energy fields where there’s excessive alcohol, drug consumption, or violent behavior, and gatherings where religious or ethnic exclusion and vitriolic prejudice or judgment are the focus.
11. Extend acts of kindness, asking for nothing in return. Give value to others. Do small things with great love. This might be as simple as thanking the janitor for making the restrooms at your office clean and hygienic.
12. Be specific when you affirm your intentions to raise your energy level and create your desires. Read your written affirmations daily.
13. As frequently as possible, hold thoughts of forgiveness in your mind. “To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” Robert Muller.
So whatever is causing you to feel down, do just one of those things listed above and notice how you will feel.

Have a great day everyone!


About Penchie

I am a type 2 diabetic. I run to keep my blood sugars in good control in conjunction with diet and medical regimen. The running bug got me in 2010. Since I laced up my running shoes, I’ve been an on-road runner, albeit with several months of hiatus in the last 2 years. After almost 7 years of on-road racing, like any other runner, I want to take my running into another level by going off road. I would like to see myself doing ultra marathons, both on and off road, in the future. Running is my lifestyle. I am a runner and a diabetes warrior.
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