Happiness is Swimming


I have been in a running hiatus for more than a year now and when I was already starting to get back on running again, I sustained an herniated disk after I slipped and fell onto a curb one stormy night on my way to work.  The accident rendered me temporarily debilitated, unable to walk for about 2 weeks. Thanks to rigorous physical therapy and aqua therapy, I was able to get back on my feet again only 2 weeks after the accident.

One month since the accident, I am now pain-free and able to walk…and run, at least for short distances for brief periods.  As I could not go back to running yet, I switched to swimming.  Initially, the purpose was just therapy until I decided that I would make swimming as my cross-training while I still could not go back to running.  So far since I started swimming more than 2 weeks ago, I have improved significantly in terms of endurance. Now I can at least swim freestyle for 30 minutes with just about 15 seconds rest in between laps.

As of this time, I am focusing more on my breathing and form and not so much on speed yet.  Slowly as I build my endurance, hopefully, I can do speed training in a few days. Being able to do some laps is already an achievement for me. Initially, when I started swimming, I could barely swim 10 meters without getting out of breath.  Not surprising as I don’t really swim regularly.  It took me more than 10 years and an accident to get me into swimming again.

I intend to participate in an aquathlon hopefully next year.  In the meantime, I need to swim regularly to improve my endurance and then go back to running again before the end of September.

Just like running, swimming is one way of loading up on endorphins.  Swimming every day provides me with my daily dose of happy hormones.


About Penchie

I am a type 2 diabetic. I run to keep my blood sugars in good control in conjunction with diet and medical regimen. The running bug got me in 2010. Since I laced up my running shoes, I’ve been an on-road runner, albeit with several months of hiatus in the last 2 years. After almost 7 years of on-road racing, like any other runner, I want to take my running into another level by going off road. I would like to see myself doing ultra marathons, both on and off road, in the future. Running is my lifestyle. I am a runner and a diabetes warrior.
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